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The up-dated diversified enterprise with its well-established infrastructure, its own auto park and  loading equipment. It realizes the whole complex of production, sale and delivery of baking wheat flour of all grades, wheat middlings, floor slabs, squinches, polings and ready-mixed concrete.

Flour production

Baking wheat flour High grade

It is white, mild, pleasant at sight and by touch. It is produced from the grain conditioned in a special way to preserve nutrients, vitamins and micronutrient elements. A sufficient amount of  strong gluten in the flour provides a good size and sponginess of baked goods.

Raw gluten-29%
Whiteness-64 standard units

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Baking wheat flour First grade

It is white, velvety. At the process of this flour production the grain is conditioned in a special way that leads not only to nutrients` preservation, but in comparison with the high grade flour to increased content of  the vitamins essential for human organism. It has the magnificent baking qualities due to which it is extremely in demand by bakers and confectioners.

Raw gluten-32%

Whiteness-5standard units


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Baking wheat flour Second grade

Flour is white with grayish hue since it contains  a great deal of  microparticles of the grain  superficial tissues. Goods produced from this flour is characterized with a specific fragrance and  dietary fibers contained in the flour have healing properties.

Raw gluten-28%

Whiteness- 27 standard units


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Baking wheat flour First grade «Takiya»

It is produced at the original technology. It has the property to enlarge final output.

Raw gluten-32%

Whiteness- 56standard units


    ТОО ROMANA |    Мука в Казахстане Костанай

Moreover there are accompanying products at our assortment:

  • wheat middlings are prepacked,
  • bulk, granulated,
  • Grain wastes, meal

“ROMANA” company is one of the leading companies of Kazakhstan grain reprocessing branch. A high-automated grinding complex with the computer operation of main technological processes permits to produce the profound grain reprocessing for baking wheat flour production-850 tons  per a day.

Every day “ROMANA” company dispatches high quality products wagons. These goods are produced from ecologically clean Kazakhstan grain: baking wheat flour of High, First and  Second grade, wheat middlings,  granulated middlings. 

Skilled specialists (technologists, laboratory assistants) control the quality of the incoming grain at the up-dated equipment and productionize it.

The flour produced by “ROMANA” company is highly valued by bread productivity due to its permanent quality properties: it has a strong gluten and evened granulometric composition. “ROMANA” company carefully follows each stage of flour production due to the up-dated platform of grinding production operation.

Flour is packed into 2, 5, 10, 25, 50 kg tare. Weight is also equipped with electric control system providing  gram accuracy.

Our partners in the sphere of grain reprocessing and grain, flour export are a great deal of  agro producers and dealers of the grain market who have been working with us regularly not for the first year. The largest enterprises of bakery and confectionery branches of our region trust us as a reliable supplier of  grade flour.

It should be either pointed out our flour is greatly valued not only in Kostanay oblast. We collaborate with such regions of our Republic as

  • Kyzylordinskaya oblast
  • Severo-Kazakhstanskaya oblast
  • Aktyubinskaya oblast
  • Karagandinskaya oblast
  • Atyrauskaya oblast
  • Yuzhno-Kazakhstanskaya oblast
  • Almatinskaya oblast  and etc.

Moreover our flour is well-known in the countries of the near and far abroad: in Uzbekistan, the Russian Federation, Belorussia, Turkmenistan, Tadzhikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan.


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